SHOCKED readers are pushing for tougher sentences on knife crime following yesterday's Star article of a 16-year-old boy being mugged at knifepoint by thugs who wanted his iPhone 11.

The mum of the 16-year-old victim told us that he had got the bus from St Helens town centre to Prescot Road and was walking through the park to meet friends at the bus stop on Thatto Heath Road on Saturday, February 8.

However before he could reach them, her son was pulled into bushes and had a knife held to his throat by two people on bikes.


Readers reacted with horror to the news, with many also wanting the government to be tougher on offenders caught with a blade.

Bill Bates via Facebook said: "The Government needs to be tough on knife crime. Five years with no remission for carrying a knife then five to 10 years for brandishing a knife and 10 years to life for using a knife. No excuses. No lower age limit.

"If a 13 year old uses a knife then at least 10 years. It's time all this misery is ended and this is the only way.

"There's only one excuse for carrying a knife and that is if you've just bought it.

"Any thing else should result in a long term of imprisonment. If you don't carry one you cant use it and many innocent people will be spared of the misery that knife crime brings."

Pauline McSpiritt added: "Thank god he give them his money and phone because people who carry any weapon for sure mean business horrible cretins poor lad scary letting our kids out."

Pauline Windsor said: "If caught with a knife no excuses locked away for a few years. It's the only way to stop all these people being harmed even if it’s only a threat same punishment."

Kerry Blackmore added: "The young lad did right to hand his phone over to these scum at the end of the day you can replace a phone you can't replace a life.

"These scumbags who think it's ok to threaten people with knifes need locking away."

Lisa Cole added: "Shocking and cowardly hope this young boy and his family are doing ok."

Police are still investigating this incident and are looking for potential witnesses or those with dashcam or CCTV that could have caught the offenders on camera to come forward.

Detective Inspector Jackie Guinness said: “While the victim was unhurt, he was left extremely distressed after being threatened in this way.

“If you have any information on who could be responsible for this robbery, please contact police so that we can bring them to justice. And if you believe you may have been sold or offered the phone for sale, please get in touch.”