A COUPLE plan to stage a dog sports day to help fund an operation for their precious puppy Walter.

Children's nurse Olivia Ashmore from Newton-le-Willows was heartbroken when she learned that her eight-month-old dachshund Walter had Pes Varus, a very rare bone condition which means his two back legs have grown too fast.

St Helens Star:

Olivia and Walter

This means he is now struggling to walk and if left untreated he will lose the use of his back legs.

His only option is to have complex orthopaedic surgery on both legs but this would cost up to £9,000.

After learning his pet insurance would only cover up to £3,000, Olivia was forced to use savings set aside for her wedding to her fiance to help her precious pet.

St Helens Star:

However, this still leaves her short of the final funds for his operation in March.

So Walter's dog walker has come up with a plan.

Olivia, 25, said: "When I found out what was wrong with Walter I was devastated, he absolutely adores his walks and the thought of him living in pain and being unable to do this is devastating.

St Helens Star:

"If his little legs are not fixed then he won't be able to walk and will have problems.

"He is such a lovely dog, he means the world to me and I'd do anything to help him.

St Helens Star:

Olivia and Walter

"Andy has been Walter's dog walker since he was a puppy and came up with the idea of doing a dog fun day with the funds going to help Walter.

"It means so much honestly, I can't believe how many people want to help Walter."

Walter's dog walker Andy Finney, 43, said: "I have grown very fond of him and he’s such a little character.

St Helens Star:

"When we found out what happened, especially knowing how he loves his walks, I had to do something.

"We are going to host a dog sports day on our secure field on Alder Lane on Sunday, February 23.

"All the money will go to Walter's fund so he can get this surgery.

"He has his first operation in March, so we need the money as soon as possible for the next operation on his other leg.

"It will be fun for all the dogs who attend and best of all it helps another dog."

St Helens Star:

The event in Burtonwood will include a best dressed dog competition, a dog race, a sit competition, a dog ball pit, a dog sand pit, an agility course, a dog cake stall and a raffle.

Tickets are £5 per dog and the event will start at noon.

A jacket potato stall and refreshments for owners at a extra cost.

To donate go to bit.ly/walterdog