A BAD night at Warrington for Saints was compounded by injuries to Alex Walmsley in the warm-up and Mark Percival in the second half, but Saints boss Kristian Woolf was not looking for excuses.

The Saints boss was disappointed with what they did on both sides of the ball after some sloppy handling and weak defence handed the initiative to the hosts.

The first half in particular saw numerous penalties and dropped balls, which contributed to Wolves taking a 13-0 lead at the break with tries from Daryl Clark and Tom Lineham.

They improved in the second half but a Josh Charnley try left Saints with an uphill battle.

St Helens Star:

Woolf said: "It is disappointing we did not play well at all.

"We were were ill disciplined with the ball and the same without it.

"We did some uncharacteristic things - I am not sure why but it was certainly a disappointing performance."

St Helens Star:

He refused to use Walmsley's withdrawal with a calf injury as an excuse.

"It was a challenge losing Alex Walmsley, because he is a good player and leader in our group.

"But that is something we have to get over and handle a bit better than what we showed we did tonight," he said.

"You lose good players in our sport and we have to be better in getting on with things.

"Al was deemed as a calf in the warm-up and deemed not good enough to go out.

"We will have to get it scanned and looked at in the week to see where we are at.

St Helens Star:

"Mark Percival came off with a shoulder or collar bone, where is sore. We won't know until he gets scanned during the week.

"Players like him don't come off if they are not really sore.

"But that is not the reason we lost. We need to better at overcoming things.

"We were not playing well before Percy went off the field - so that is not the reason.

"We were well off where we were last week and did not have the same commitment to defence and they came through the middle three times, and all around the ruck there were sloppy tackles.

St Helens Star:

"We completed at 53 per cent in the first half and that is nowhere near good enough.

"The damage was done in the first half and we did not get our flow of possession until the last 15 or 20 minutes.

"That is no-one's fault but our own."