A RESIDENT says he had to act as a traffic warden after a street came to a standstill due to gridlock.

Ruskin Drive in Dentons Green was blocked from one end to the other on the evening of Tuesday, January 14.

Residents say they have have experienced regular traffic chaos on the road, with Tuesday evenings being cited as a particularly hectic time.

One resident reported the road was completely blocked at both ends from the Ruskin Drive sports complex right down to Dentons Green Lane.

"The one road in one road out layout led to traffic wars with a standstill for at least 20 minutes," said the resident, who asked not to be named.

"Had I not gone out and intervened they would still be there now.

"When is the council going to use a bit of common sense and open up the gates to filter the traffic out on to Rivington Road?

He added: "It's ridiculous, it is one road in and one road out. We had lots of meetings with the council and they don't seem to be listening to what we're asking.

"They said that when there's large sporting events we are going to open the events and let it flow into Rivington Road.

"Last Tuesday I had to get everyone out, I felt like a warden, it 's just ridiculous. At one stage a few people in cars asked me had there been an accident."

He added: "It doesn't help that people don't park on the car park on the car park. People still park on Ruskin Drive even though there is a massive car park.

"All they have to do is open the gates and flow everyone out on to Rivington Road."

Other residents have also contacted the Star to complain about congestion on evenings. They have urged St Helens Council to step in and find a solution.

When asked about the matter by the Star, a St Helens Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of this issue, which is not being caused by visitors to Ruskin Sports Village or the social club, and a member of our highways section will be in the area to assess the situation.

"Ample parking is available on the car park at Ruskin Sports Village."

The council spokesman added they believe the issue could have been due to visitors heading to Pilkington Welfare, which has a building halfway along Ruskin Drive.

A member of the council's traffic team visited the area on Tuesday this week (January 21) between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and reported no issues.