THE mum of a fire engine obsessed little boy transformed his bedroom into a fire station for less than £100.

Clare Curtis from Thatto Heath wanted to do something special for her four-year-old son Elliott Curtis, after having a new baby eight weeks ago. The mum-of-two didn’t want Elliott to feel left out after the birth of his new baby sister Isabella, so came up with the idea of transforming his room into a fire station.

St Helens Star:

Clare, 30, said: “Elliott has always been obsessed with fire engines ever since I can remember and when I was having the new baby I didn’t want him to feel left out.

“I went on to Pinterest and saw that some people in America had transformed their children’s rooms and just started shopping around for stuff. That was only a few weeks ago and I got it all for less than £100, if you don’t count the bed.”

St Helens Star:

Elliott in his room

Elliott’s room includes: a fireman’s pole - made of scaffolding, the doors to the fire station (on the wall) are made with paint, wallpaper and wood for the windows and doors, a fire engine bed - which was a normal bed adapted by Clare to look like a fire engine, a used fire extinguisher bought on eBay, a fire house bell, a mini ladder on the wall made from wood and even little hazard signs and cones to add to the overall look.

Crafty Clare added: “It just took some shopping around really, I did it all myself, the hardest thing was getting it done after both kids were in bed - and keeping Elliot out until it was ready.

St Helens Star:

Elliott and his clever crafty mum Clare

“He was just amazed, he was a bit overwhelmed at first, but now he just loves it and has not come out of it since.”

Clare uploaded her hard work to DIY on a Budget page on Facebook where she received more than 11,000 likes and 1,500 comments from people praising her.

She added: “I never expected any of this to be honest, but I’m made up others like what I did. I’d tell other people that they can do something like this too, all you need is to shop around and do a lot of the work yourself.”

n Clare has now set up her own Facebook and Instagram called @dreamdesigns_and_occasions showcasing her creative ideas and DIY hacks after being praised for her work - and a recent birthday cake creation, also for Elliott.