CABBAGES, gunge, giant pencils and Double or Drop.

One schoolgirl experienced it all as she appeared on the revived children’s show Crackerjack!

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Nine-year-old Amelia Daffern won the episode after she appeared on the rejuvenated series of the old children's TV favourite.

The show is presented by CBBC's Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes as it sees a return of familiar features including Take a Letter and Double or Drop, along with some new games.

The show was originally presented by This is Your Life’s Eamonn Andrews and was followed by names including Leslie Crowther, Michael Aspel, Ed Stewart and Stu Francis, who made a return in the first new episode along with Don Maclean, Jan Hunt Basil Brush and St Helens' Bernie Clifton.

The first episode of the ten-part series was shown on Friday, January 17 and will be shown each week on CBBC, with Amelia's appearance among the future editions.

St Helens Star:

Amelia Daffern

Rainford Brook Lodge Primary School pupil Amelia enjoyed being the star of the show after being picked from the audience.

She attended Media City with mum Nicola to be in the audience for the show.

"They interview children in the audience and they look for bubbly kids," said mum Nicola.

“She went up against an 11-year-old boy in Take A Letter. There’s a lot of gunge, fooling around and they even get the parents out so I’m glad I escaped that one!

“Cabbages, gunge, double or drop and giant pencils, she was thrilled to have experienced it all."

St Helens Star:

Amelia during the day

“As she was on the conveyor belt heading backwards towards the drop on the double or drop game she couldn’t think of an answer and got to shout the famous ‘cabbages’ word to pass the question.

“She was loaded up with so many cabbages you could only just see her eyes peeking over. Thankfully she didn’t drop them and after the other contestants had run out of time and fell off the conveyor belt backwards, Amelia still had hold of her cabbages and won the show.

“It was brilliant and there was sweets given out and they got to meet Sam and Mark after the show.

“She has been talking about it ever since. She got a big Crackerjack pencil.

“We can’t wait to see it on TV now.”