POLICE have warned car crooks they'll soon hunt them down – after two bungling thieves left their McDonalds meals in a stolen Skoda.

Police response teams spotted the suspects at a petrol station filling up the car, which had been stolen from Billinge.

After being interrupted by officers at 3.30am on Friday morning, the pair fled into nearby fields and could not be found.

But after searching the car officers discovered the McDonalds takeaway the thieves had been munching – giving police a big clue to check CCTV of where they had been earlier.

Mocking the car crooks in a post that went viral on social media, Greater Manchester Police wrote: "Because you left your McDonalds behind in the car, we now know where you've been. You can be sure we will be catching up with you soon.

"Alternatively pop into the station and we will warm it up in the microwave as it's better than the custody hotpot."

The post tickled people on social media.

One user wrote in response: "You'd have to be a few chips short of a happy meal to be getting up to stuff like this."

Another added: "I'm sure you will have some 'SAUCES' for leads to the culprits."

And the puns kept coming, with another user writing: "Looks like they left in a McFlurry."