A TENNIS club is seeking to upgrade its facilities to ensure they can be used throughout the year.

Eccleston Park Tennis Club is aiming to resurface its three clay courts to enable them to be used in the winter.

A planning application has been submitted for permission to resurface the court with EuroClay, an artificial clay surface.

The club, based on Forest Close Eccleston Park, currently has three shale courts and two EuroClay (artificial clay) courts.

The application states: "With regard to the proposals, the views of the club members and the parents of the

participating children in the local community have been canvassed, with the response being overwhelmingly positive.

"The tennis club’s proposals are to upgrade three existing shale courts by resurfacing with Euroclay, an artificial terracotta coloured clay surface.

"The existing courts are extremely high maintenance and can only be used for seven months of the year due to the fact that can't be used in the winter months.

"The Euroclay surface offers all-year-round play as the surface is unaffected by frost. This would allow us to continue and extend our coaching programmes and social play into the winter."