A MUM who carried out a sustained attack on another woman, leaving her with a broken pelvis in two places, has been jailed.

Kerry Fitzhenry, 36, wept in the dock as a judge sentenced her to an immediate 48-week jail term for the vicious assault, which he described as "unforgivable."

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Fitzhenry, of Cross Farm Road, Peasley Cross pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm after the attack which took place on July 25, 2018 on the doorstep of victim Kelly Williams.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the beating took place following an incident at a park earlier in the day. A reporting restriction prevents the Star disclosing further details.

Fitzhenry went round to Ms Williams' house in St Helens with another person and dragged her out of her own home, throwing her to the ground and kicking her while wearing flip flops.

The attack resulted in the woman suffering two fractures to her hip and one to an already weakened bone in her back.

The court heard the victim "couldn't climb the stairs for six weeks" and "had to sleep on a settee". As a lasting consequence of the assault, she has now installed CCTV at her home.

Judge Denis Watson said: "On July 25, 2018 you took part in what can only be described as a sustained attack.

"(The victim) was at her home, she was dragged by you out of her home and either pulled or thrown to the ground where her head was slammed against the ground.

"Then she was kicked by you while you were over her and she was on the ground.

"For you to go round and attack (her) is unforgivable.

"I make no finding of it being a heavy piece of footwear but still kicking as your own foot was used as a weapon."

The judge added there were numerous other aggravating factors including "the presence of children" and the fact that the victim "was in her own home and that she was on the ground as you attacked her makes her vulnerable".

Judge Watson acknowledged mitigating factors that Fitzhenry reacted to information which had "wound you up" and that "you acted out of character".

He said he "reduced the starting point as much as I possibly can".

Defending, Cheryl Mottram had asked for the sentence to be suspended and said the defendant is "of good character" and has "no previous convictions".

She added she has "mental health conditions including bi-polar and borderline personality disorder and an emotional disorder".

However, Judge Watson ruled "this was so serious that only an immediate sentence of custody is appropriate."