CHAMPIONS Saints confidently bounce go into the 2020 campaign looking to win back-to-back Grand Finals for the first time in 20 years.

And that gives us a pointer for this week’s Looking Back picture taken by Bernard Platt after Saints had beaten Wigan on their march to Old Trafford.

In 2000 reigning champions Saints had endured a rocky start to the campaign, with Ellery Hanley shown the door and was replaced by Leigh coach Ian Millward.

In this shot Millward addresses the team huddle as a 20-year-old Paul Wellens, centre of the picture, hangs on to every word.

Also in the huddle are Anthony Sullivan, Julian O’Neill, Sonny Nickle, John Stankevitch, Steve Hall, Paul Sculthorpe and Sean Hoppe.

Saints’ fortunes turned around under the innovative Australian and their finale saw their momentum build as the weeks progressed.

After the Wide to West win over Bradford Bulls at the start of the play-offs, Saints thrashed Wigan in the semis before winning a tighter final against the Warriors at Old Trafford.