MENTION Desmond's barber shop and there is a high chance residents will respond with a knowing nod of recognition.

The business has become a well-known fixture in the town and has been at its Greenfield Road premises in Dentons Green for more than 40 years.

The barbers shop is set to celebrate a special milestone as it marks 60 years since it was launched.

Desmond's Barber Shop originally started in 1959 at its original premises on Cooper Street.

The shop was launched by Desmond Costello and many people have memories of the first shop at Cooper Street, which was often seen with a queue lining up outside in the morning.

In 1976 the shop then moved to Greenfield Road where it has remained to this present day.

Desmond's son Dermot Costello took over the running the of the barber shop in Dentons Green 20 years ago this coming New Year's Eve.

Desmond's prides itself on offering its customers a traditional haircut.

The interior of the shop has a modern yet retro feel to it with lots of memorabilia which was there from the start still on show at the premises.

Also the original classic Belmont barber chairs are still in operation at the shop.

Families are welcome and the business has long-term, loyal customers who return, along with with their children and grandchildren.

“Dad started it in 1959," said Dermot, 41.

“It still has the original barbers chairs from then. It moved to and I was born in the house upstairs in 1978, it has been my life completely, it really has.

“There is a lot of original memorabilia.

“Everybody you speak to, if you ay where’s Des’s barber shop, everybody knows.

Asked what he thinks the secret to its long-lasting success is, Dermot said: “I think it is probably a good service, looking after your customers. It’s just a massive tradition and people know who we are.

“I hope there is another 20 years to come!"