GOING out leafleting and campaigning during the heat of an election campaign can often be bruising, in a figurative sense.

However, one councillor who was out delivering leaflets for the Green Party, sustained physical injury as he was bitten on the hand by a dog through a letterbox.

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Cllr David O'Keefe, who is a ward councillor for Bold was delivering leaflets on behalf of the Green Party as part of the general election campaign.

While delivering leaflets on Mill Lane, Sutton, in the St Helens South & Whiston constituency, Cllr O'Keefe was bitten by a dog.

His injuries meant he had to spend two nights at Whiston Hospital.

"It was a bad one, I've got my fingers bandaged up," said Cllr O'Keefe.

"I was on Mill Lane at around 5.15pm last Friday.

"I had to pull it out of the dog's mouth and I was shouting and screaming."

David has expressed his thanks to a couple who are residents on the street who came to his aid.

"Stefan and Leanne came out to see what was up. They took me down to the A&E department and I spent two nights at Whiston.

"I'd like to say thank you to Stefan and Leanne."

However, despite the setback, Cllr O'Keefe has been back out on the campaign trail.

And David has received some moral support from former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who was in town this week.

She posted her sympathies to Cllr O'Keefe in a tweet.