IN a new feature we will be dipping into the wedding albums of St Helens couples who have tied the knot this year and finding out more about the happiest day of their life.

Names: Corinne Jane Green and Paul Kenneth George Green

Ages: 34 and 41

St Helens Star:

The area you live in: Eccleston

When & how you met: We met in Autumn 2014, we had friends of friends and I remember Paul saying he really liked a picture of me so plucked up the courage to privately message me on social media.

Our first date, we met on Aintree Hospital car park. I was on one side of the hospital Paul on the other, we still laugh about it now ha.

St Helens Star:

What you thought of each other when you first met: Paul was very charismatic, charming and such a gentleman but most of all so funny. We laughed a lot that first date.

I also felt very safe around him which was endearing.

Paul thought I was beautiful and says he loved my cute smile.

Where & when you got engaged: On my 31st Birthday morning.

Paul had made me breakfast in bed I had opened my cards and presents and he said there was another that Bella (our little doggie) had helped him hide.

She jumped up on our bed and there was a ring hanging on her collar.

I turned around and Paul was one knee, he made a lovely speech and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

St Helens Star:

Date & location of the wedding: We married outside under two large oak trees in the countryside in Cornwall overlooking Bodmin Moor. A venue called ‘The Green’ ….(ironic that we’re now The Greens..haha) The sun shone whilst our close family & friends witnessed our vows.

How would you describe your wedding: In 3 words….’Family, Friends and a whole lotta Love.

How many guests did you have: 50 What did your guests eat: Slow cooked beef, Loin of Pork, smashed meringue, Cornish pasties and lots of wedding cake with three different flavour layers!

Everyone commented on the yummy food :-)

What are your favourite memories of the day: Saying our vows that we chose and meaning every word. Walking through the fields and forest hand in hand after the ceremony.

My husband's speech to me and our son.

St Helens Star:

Honeymoon: We went to Port Issac for a few nights (where Doc Martin is filmed) and stayed in a little cottage in the middle of fields with no one around. Perfect.

We then went to the Cotswolds with our son and doggie and stayed in another little cottage for some family time.

St Helens Star:

What we have in common/why we love each other/why we wanted to get married: We have the same values, outlook on life in general.

We want to achieve our goals in life together.

Our little family mean the world to us.

We wanted to get married as it just felt right not to prove our love but to seal it.

Anything else we want to share: Our wedding was a very intimate occasion so to share our story with our local paper is very unlike us as a couple.

But I’m proud, proud to be Paul’s wife.

St Helens Star:

Name of our photographer: Alexa Poppe (based in Cornwall)

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