A RESIDENT who says her village has been subject to an increase in crime has called for action.

The pensioner, who has asked to remain anonymous, says there has been an increase in the volume of crime in Billinge.

This has included thefts and cars being stolen.

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The resident, who says she has contacted local councillors about the issue, says there needs to be more of a deterrent against offenders.

"I just don't know what's going on in the village now," she said.

"Something needs to be done, the crime has just risen and risen. It was never like this.

"The police know what's going on but they haven't got the manpower."

The resident, whose son had his car stolen last Friday, meaning she had to cancel a trip to Scotland, says the crime wave is affecting villagers' daily lives.

"My son got up 5am to go to work to find his car had gone, stolen by scumbags hovering around people's homes in the village in the night.

"He has been left bereft, has a young family and all child stuff in the car.

"These people do not care what upset they cause. They think it is clever .The police take information but nobody is there to help those who are targeted."

She added: "We are pensioners but my husband had to get up a 5am to drive him to work and will have to continue to do so. We even have had to cancel our break to Scotland so it is definitely a knock-on effect.

"Why is there no help out there for the likes of us and more and more being the victims of criminal theft, on a daily basis?

"There has to be more deterrent and police patrolling the village."