A 26-YEAR-OLD man threatened to shoot his ex-girlfriend and kept her in his home against her will during a two-hour stand-off with police.

Armed officers were called to the home of Christopher Noon on Nutgrove Road, Thatto Heath after he broke into a jealous cocaine-fuelled rage with his former partner.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Noon had met up with the woman, who is also the mother of his two children, at Thatto Heath train station on Saturday, August 24 before going to his home.

During this meeting, he accused her of “sleeping with his cousin” before going on to push her to the floor, kick her in the head and spit at her.

Prosecuting, Nardeen Nemat, told the court that police were called after neighbours heard “arguing and banging” from the property.

St Helens Star:

Armed police attended the property

She said: “On August 24 at 7pm, Miss Naylor met up with the defendant at Thatto Heath station and went to the defendant’s home address.

“He began to accuse her of sleeping with his cousin. She went to leave the bedroom but the defendant grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back into the bedroom. He then pushed her to the floor and kicked her to the head and body.

“She tried to leave the address but the defendant said: ‘You’re not going out, you’re not getting me nicked’.”

Ms Nemat said how when police turned up, Noon refused to let them in and barricaded the front door with furniture, making threats to shoot both Miss Naylor and officers.

“Officers kicked on the front door and the defendant said: ‘you’re not coming in, have you got a warrant?’ “When the police said they don’t require one, the defendant said: ‘I’ve got a gun, watch what happens when you come in’.

“The defendant then barricaded the front door.”

Ms Nemat added that Noon appeared at the bedroom window brandishing items including a plank of wood and a Polyfilla gun as he made threats and threw various objects out of the window towards police.

Ms Nemat added: “Miss Naylor went to the bedroom window. He (Noon) had a plank of wood and was waving it.”

He said to officers: “’I’m all strapped up, I have a gun, I will shoot you. You’re getting blasted, I’ve got a strap lad’. “The defendant then shouted to Miss Naylor ‘I’m going to shoot you’.

“Miss Naylor described feeling scared that the defendant would kill her.

“He dragged her to the bed, bit her to the lip and spat at her.”

The court heard that police gained entry to the address and Noon was told to “come out to the top of the staircase but refused. He reiterated that he was armed and intended to shoot.”

Officers threw a “distraction device” into the bedroom and described Miss Naylor as “cowering by the bedroom window”.

Officers tasered Noon, who was in the middle of the room and he was arrested.

Ms Nemat said that Miss Naylor suffered “bruising to her eyes, face, arms, neck and back.

She said how in a victim personal statement Miss Naylor said she had “suffered emotional pain as a result of the incident and had to rely on her mother to support her” and feels “vulnerable”.

Noon, who appeared in court via video link wearing a black shirt, had pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, actual bodily harm, affray and breach of a restraining order at a previous hearing.

The court heard he had 11 previous convictions for 17 different offences, including an assault in 2013 when he cut a woman’s wrist with a knife and got a dog to bite her.

Ms Nemat added that a restraining order had been imposed on Noon in June this year after he forced entry to Miss Naylor’s home.

Defending Noon, Christopher Stables, said that Noon had “very little recollection” of the incident and was “shocked that he had done that to her and now regrets his actions bitterly.”

He added that, despite Noon’s threats “there was no gun”, and that he was “under the influence of drugs” during the incident.

He said that Noon and Miss Naylor were together that day “of her instigation” and that “they both took alcohol” and “both took cocaine” during the evening.

He also asked for credit to be given for Noon’s guilty pleas.

Judge Anil Murray adjourned sentencing until January 3 for further submissions and remanded Noon in custody.