A LOVING brother enlisted four of his friends to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with him to thank the hospital for the cancer treatment they offered to his little sister.

Lindsay McCall from Rainhill was diagnosed with breast cancer this year at the age of 33.

She has had an operation at Whiston Hospital and chemotherapy treatment at the Lilac Centre at St Helens Hospital to try and fight the disease.

St Helens Star:

However, despite the trauma of her diagnosis, her brother Graeme McCall decided to enlist his friends and take on a huge challenge to thank the hospitals for the excellent care they have offered her.

Graeme alongside Jonathan Keddie, Gregg Jaymes, Liam Pilkington and John Bullen, took on months of training, including altitude training before setting off on their challenge a few months ago.

It took 6 days for them to reach the summit, overcoming extreme wind burn injuries and Graeme even suffered from malaria following the climb but the group raised an amazing £15,000 for the Lilac Centre.

St Helens Star:

This was with the help of Bolton Steel Structures, the company Graeme works for

Graeme: “We wanted to give something back and say thank you for the care Lindsay has received during her treatment.

"We can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for our family.”