IT gives us great joy to run a front page featuring Andy Reid holding his MBE medal at Buckingham Palace.

Andy’s story is one of immense courage and resilience and he continues to be an inspiration to the people of St Helens and across the country.

It seems fitting that he received the honour a decade on from suffering the horrific injuries while serving his country in Afghanistan.

It was quite early in Andy’s recovery that the Star visited his home in 2009 and it was clear that he was a man of great courage.

Over the past ten years, when at times he has endured pain and challenges, he has underlined that first impression, going on an incredible journey which has seen him raise a family, become an ambassador for business and a supporter of charities.

- Conformation that Helen McCourt’s killer Ian Simms will be granted parole has been met with understandable outrage.

This has been voiced by Star readers and Marie McCourt, the long-suffering mother who many of us will sympathise with.

After her tireless campaigning for Helen’s Law, she says this feels like a huge slap in the face.
It must feel like someone has twisted the knife after all the years of torment she has faced.

The Star has backed Marie’s campaign over the past four years. 

And as we said three weeks ago, ahead of the parole hearing, it has been our view that Simms should remain behind bars until he reveals where Helen’s body lies.
This decision feels like an awful injustice for both Helen and Marie.

We can only pray that some how information will come forward that will solve this mystery and give Marie peace. 

She, of course, as spelled out on page 5, will keep fighting.

- We’ve had a positive response to last week’s front page that calls on readers to show support for shops and businesses in the run up to Christmas.

This weekend it is the Christmas lights switch-on in Church Square, St Helens town centre.

It would be tremendous to see a huge turn-out from families at the event.