FROM the first man to photograph the Moon to a Jack The Ripper suspect, there are plenty of little known St Helens facts uncovered in this latest book by writer Sue Gerrard.

Secret St Helens has been published with as launch taking place at Momo's cafe this weekend.

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Sue had already written St Helens Now and Then to mark the 150th anniversary of St Helens.

After being approached by publishers Amberley, Sue has produced another book about her hometown, revealing many little-known facts about St Helens' rich and fascinating history.

"I have lived here most of my life and I found out a lot of things that I didn't know about St Helens.

"I found this one more challenging but in a sense more rewarding because I had to uncover new facts about St Helens."

Sue says interesting tales include about the Fred Deeming murders, in Rainhill. Deeming is believed by some to be Jack The Ripper.

There are fascinating stories from St Helens' industrial past and of the man who took the first photograph of the moon, who was born in the town before moving to the United States.

St Helens Star:

The cover of the new book

As well as people, places and events, Secret St Helens will also explore historical buildings, such as the fifteenth-century Windleshaw Chantry, and the town’s role in the modern world, including its influence on the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

"I think that's the lesson for me, that the town is so rich in heritage, there's always things to be uncovered," added Sue.

"I would like to say thank you to the Local History Library and everyone that's supported me. It's been an honour to do this book."

  • Secret St Helens will be launched with a book signing at Momo's on Saturday, November 30 from 11am to 1pm.