THE Brexit Party has announced its general election candidate for the St Helens South and Whiston constituency.

Former teacher and businessman Daniel Oxley will contest the seat in December's general election.

The constituency is currently held by Labour's Marie Rimmer.

Mr Oxley will stand for the Brexit Party, which launched earlier this year and is led by stalwart Eurosceptic Nigel Farage.

On his nomination, Mr Oxley said he would "strongly advocate implementing the referendum result which so many have tried to overturn".

He said: "I learned with great pleasure that The Brexit Party had accepted my application to stand as one of their candidates in the next General Election, especially since they allowed me to stand in my first choice of constituency, St Helens South & Whiston.

“My career was for 24 years in teaching. My subject was music but I also taught religious studies.

"I worked in a wide variety of schools in the state and private sector and also schools in the Middle East. I now work in tourism, specialising in musical tours.

“If elected, I would speak up for the Party’s policies. Policies which I believe would be of enormous benefit to the economy of St Helens and other northern towns.

"I would strongly advocate implementing the referendum result which so many have tried to over-turn. It is my view that politicians are public servants, not public masters and that they are obliged to serve."

St Helens Star:

Brexit Party candidate Daniel Oxley

The UK voted to leave the European Union in the referendum of June 2016, with 58 per cent of St Helens voters electing to leave.

However, the Brexit deadline was delayed again until January 31, 2020 and Britain will head to the polls on December 12 after enough MPs voted in favour last week.

The Prime Minister had pulled his Brexit Bill after MPs rejected its three-day timetable in the Commons.

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The Brexit Party has vowed to contest every seat if Boris Johnson presses ahead with his Brexit withdrawal agreement and rejects a 'Leave alliance' electoral pact.

The party has been touted as a threat to Labour in some Leave voting constituencies and it topped the national vote in May's European elections.

Mr Oxley's selection for St Helens South & Whiston was welcomed by Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, Bexit Party MEP for North West England, who said: “Daniel is an experienced man of principle who knows the constituency extremely well and would serve the residents with integrity and hard work.”