TONIGHT a pop-up arts takeover highlighting the importance of talking about mental health is launching in the former Argos store, and we caught up with the curators to find out what it is all about.

The exhibition, called Madlove, is led by artist James Leadbitter, who works under the name the vacuum cleaner and includes the works of 13 local, national and international artists who have into the community to make exhibitions, films and put together performances to shine a spotlight on people's mental wellbeing.

The event is being run with arts organisation Heart of Glass and launches tonight at 5pm and is open for all of November.

James said: "The thing that can be hard about mental health is that you can feel really isolated, so that idea of where do you go and how you can reach out to other people.

"It's really important that people don't feel any shame or stigma around mental health, they can come here and feel safe to have a conversation.

"This is a springboard, because talking is important but things need to change."

Emily Gee, co-curator who works at the Heart of Glass added: "This year we decided to work on mental health and now feels like an important moment to have a public space to talk about mental health, what's going on in the town and nationally as well."

The venue is made up of different spaces, including a huge yurt type tent with furniture inside, smaller one man tents for people to use, a huge table to encourage conversation - over a specially blended St Helens blend tea - and a performance theatre space, which can also be viewed from inside the shopping centre.

It will be open until November 30 from 11am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Everything is free and everyone is welcome.