THEY are a couple who sold their home and risked it all to start up their own company.

But now Clare Misra-Burns and her husband Sean Burns are celebrating after winning a Small Business Sunday award from Dragons’ Den’s Theo Paphitis. 

After years of working in the hair styling industry, the Newton couple put their money into their new business Untamed after discovering a product in China they felt they could get behind.

St Helens Star:

Their Wave Tame hair dryer diffuses Argan Oil as it dries hair. The aim is to make hair softer as it dries.

Clare and Sean decided to bring the product to the UK and become the UK’s and Europe’s only supplier. 

After sharing their business on Twitter with Theo, he named them as a winner of the Small Business Sunday Award.

Each week, Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him and describe their businesses in one tweet.

He then chooses his favourite six who are then re-tweeted to his 500,000 followers.

This provides a massive boost to the winners.

Sean, 42, said: “It’s always been Clare’s dream to do her own thing because she worked for the likes of Nicky Clarke. So when we travelled to China and found this product we decided to be the only UK and EU supplier of it.

"We really believe in this, we sold our home and moved to Upholland to be able to afford to start this company.

“We’re proud and have already been mentioned in national newspapers and magazines.”

Their Wave Tame hair dryer diffuses Argan Oil as it dries hair, making it softer at the same time as drying.