JEREMY Corbyn has suggested making polling day a public holiday if MPs back a snap general election in December.

The Labour leader also said all 16-year-olds should have the right to vote, a call echoed by the SNP which also supports extending the franchise to include EU nationals living in the UK.

Proposals emerged from the opposition benches as they indicated their support for a snap election before Christmas, although any amendments approved by MPs are expected to derail the legislation required to trigger it.

Speaking as MPs considered the Government's Early Parliamentary General Election, Mr Corbyn told the Commons: "Labour backs a general election because we want this country to be rid of this reckless and destructive Conservative Government.

"It is time for real change. And I've said consistently when no deal is off the table we will back an election.

"Today, after much denial and much bluster by the Prime Minister, that deal is officially off the table. So this country can vote for the Government that it deserves."

Asked about the public holiday proposal, Mr Corbyn replied: "I agree that a public holiday on election day would actually be a very good idea because it does mean that everyone could then get along to vote without the problems of being at work at that time.

"It is something that has been discussed before."

He added: "All 16-year-olds should have the right to vote because it seems to me fundamental to our democracy. It's young people's future after all that we will be debating in this election."

Closing his speech, Mr Corbyn went on: "Whatever date the House decides the election will be, I'm ready for it, we're ready for it."

The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the SNP welcomes the opportunity of an election which will allow Scotland to "determine its own future".

He said: "We on these benches are simply not prepared to sit back and allow Scotland to be taken out of the European Union against its will.

"So on that basis, Mr Speaker, I welcome the opportunity of an election, because make no mistake, the election that's coming is going to be the right of Scotland to determine its own future."

Mr Blackford also said his party wants the election age reduced to 16 for all polls and for the franchise to be extended to EU nationals living in the UK.

He said: "I expect the Government today to look positively on any amendments that come forward for EU nationals - there is nothing for the Government to fear by extending the franchise."

He said EU nationals are already on the electoral register as they are allowed to vote in local elections.