LABOUR MPs say they are relishing the prospect of a December general election, despite one of their colleagues describing the plan as "sheer madness".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was called a "chicken" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson after initially opposing plans for an early poll, said the conditions for his party to back a Christmas-time poll in the Commons had now been met.

"No Deal is now off the table, so tonight Labour will back a General Election," he tweeted.

"We're launching the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change our country has ever seen."

Several members of Mr Corbyn's top team also backed the party's shift in stance.

However, not all in the party were pleased. Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman described the move to back an election "on Boris Johnson's agenda" as "sheer madness".

Likewise, Green Party MP and former leader Caroline Lucas said the decision to back an election was "hugely disappointing".

"Why give Johnson exactly what he wants?" she asked.

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Although supporting his party's decision, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan suggested a new referendum was still the most important next step in the Brexit process.

"But if there is to be a general election first, then those whose future is most affected must be given a say - including 16 and 17-year-olds and EU citizens living in the UK," he added.