A PLASTIC surgeon, who helped design a vegan skin cream which aims to reduce scarring, has been named the best plastic surgeon in the UK for scar management.

Douglas McGeorge MBE is medical director of expanding skincare company Science Of Skin, whose products are manufactured in St Helens.

He has been named Best Scar Management Plastic Surgeon of the Year in the Global 100 awards for 2019.

All the creams, which use green tea, are manufactured by specialist beauty manufacturer Surefil, in St Helens.

Mr McGeorge co-founded Science Of Skin with University of Manchester skin biologist Ardeshir Bayat five years ago, on a mission to reduce scarring.

Their products include Solution for Scars, Solution for Stretch Marks, Solution for Bites, and a newly launched Rescue No.One cream that targets acne scarring,

“I am delighted with this recognition from the Global 100 list,” said Mr McGeorge, a former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

“Improving scar management has been a mission of mine since I started in plastic surgery over 30 years ago, and this award is testament to the expertise behind the pioneering work we are doing with Science Of Skin.

“As a cosmetic surgeon, I have always said that, for a patient, the difference between a good result and a poor result is the quality of the scar left behind after surgery; something out of the control of even the most skilled and gifted surgeon.

“Now we have developed a cream that can improve results, reducing scarring and leaving people with a far better result psychologically and emotionally, as well as visually.”

For more information about Solution for Scars and Science of Skin visit scienceofskin.com