POLICE in New Zealand say they are now racing against the clock to locate former Saints coach Mike McClennan.

Search and rescue teams have continued to search for the missing 75-year-old, who has been missing since walking out of a rest home on Wednesday.

A statement from North Shore, Rodney & West Auckland Police said: "Search and Rescue teams have continued to scour the Hatfield’s Beach and Orewa area for Mr McClennan who was last seen on Wednesday 16 October 2019 at around 5pm walking along the Hibiscus Coast Highway.

"A number of days have passed and we are now racing against the clock to try and locate Mr McClennan who suffers from dementia.

"We are once again asking our community to send this message far and wide as we need to know if someone has picked Mr McClennan up and driven him to a different location. This could have been a tourist so it is imperative that our community help us get this message out there.

"On that note, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our community who have given up their time to assist our search and rescue efforts and have been doing all that they can to help Mr McClennan’s family at this difficult time.

"We also continue to ask people to make sure that they are checking their sheds and properties for Mr McClennan who may have sought shelter."

Mike McClennan was Saints coach from 1990-93 - and was wearing his red and black club jacket when he went missing.