WIGAN Sailing Club and Pilkington Sailing Club have agreed to combine as Wigan and St Helens Sailing Club (WiSH SC).

The move comes after pressures on Pilkington SC, who have been running for 62 years at Eccleston Mere, due to massive increases in rent at the site.

The merger is set to be finalised in 2020.

Pilkington SC Commodore Andrew Melding, the future had become more positive: “The welcome was almost unbelievable. After two meetings we realised that the future lay with a bigger club, with bigger water and better sailing.”

“We have really only been discussing the merger since January so we have made enormous progress. The new plan will continue to supply sailing to the St Helens community just as Pilkington has done.”

Pilkington Sailing Club have now held their special meeting to endorse the merger.

Fittingly on Sunday 15 September, the club won the trophy they had donated to the West Lancashire Sailing Club 24 Hour Race on the Marine Lake at Southport, sailing under their old name for the last time.