THIS man callously killed his partner’s Yorkshire Terrier “to get back at her” and injured another so badly it had to be put to sleep.

Sean Wisbey’s unbelievable cruelty came to light when his on-off partner, with whom he had a row, returned home and was horrified to find what he had done to her beloved pets.

After finding seven-year-old Rosie dead in her St Helens home, heart-broken Brenda Prescott, eventually found her other dog Tricker hiding under a pile of laundry.

She desperately tried to keep her alive but it later had to be put down by a vet.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that losing the dog was a particular blow as it had been a present for her daughter, who has died, and grandchildren.

In a moving impact statement she said: "He has destroyed my last link with my daughter and I have been left feeling like a shadow of myself and all alone.”

51-year-old Wisbey, of no fixed address, showed no emotion when he was jailed for two years via video link from prison.

He had pleaded guilty to two offences of destroying property, which relates to both dogs.

Judge Rachel Smith said that he had done it to get back to Ms Prescott and he had carried out two acts of extreme violence intended to shock and hurt her.

Ember Wong, prosecuting, told the court that the couple had had an on-off relationship over the years and a few days before the offences they rowed and he threatened to cut her dogs’ throats, a threat he had also made previously.

She left and when she returned he had gone.

He called at her St Helens home on April 11 and she allowed him in to have a shower and change his clothes and went out shortly before 6pm.

When she returned three hours later she saw the curtains were shut and the dogs were not barking.

“She got in and shouted their names but there was no answer. She looked around but could not find them and asked a neighbour to help her look for them,” said Miss Wong.

In the lounge she lifted up some curtains and a blanket on the floor and found Rosie lying lifeless and covered in blood.

She said: “One of her back legs was facing the wrong way and she knew she was dead.”

Ms Prescott eventually found Tricker hiding under some laundry upstairs and for the next few days looked after her by feeding her by hand and giving her water from a spoon.

She eventually took her to the RSPCA where she was examined and found to have a broken pelvis and the distraught owner agreed she should be put to sleep to end her suffering.

Post mortem examinations revealed that Rosie’s injuries included multiple skull fractures caused by blunt force trauma and a lacerated liver.

Her skull injuries are believed to have been caused by pressure being applied on both sides of her head.

Two-year-old Tricker was also found to have suffered blunt force trauma and had various bruises and abrasions to her body and legs and a number of fractures to her pelvis,

Wisbey was arrested on the night of the incident after Ms Prescott called the police after finding Rosie.

He was found near the house and said, “What are you on about?”.

Miss Wong said that he was handcuffed and taken to a police car but tried to smash a window in the vehicle with the cuffs and had to be taken to the floor and restrained until back-up arrived. When interviewed he made no comment.

Claire Jones, defending, said that Wisbey, who has committed 78 previous offences, mainly for dishonesty, had taken a cocktail of drink and drugs and had not taken his prescribed medication for his mental health problems at the time of the offences.

Judge Smith imposed a five year restraining order to keep away from Ms Prescott.