A HOMELESS man's duvet was set alight by bullies in an attack that is all too common.

The shocking picture has been posted online by homeless charity Teardrops.

They say this kind of attack is a hate crime and hope by sharing these images, more people will report incidents.

Shauni Ward, co founder of Teardrops, said: "When we were sent this picture we sadly were not shocked and that is because this happens to the homeless in St Helens all the time.

"Their belongings are set on fire, urinated on, stolen and damaged for no reason by people who for some reason feel the need to attack them.

"We shared the picture with the hope that more people will report attacks like this, because it is a hate crime.

"It's really sad as well because they come to us asking for replacement duvets or sleeping bags and we cannot keep up with the demand.

"We had one man that needed three different sleeping bags in one week because they were being damaged or stolen and another whose bag containing all his worldly possessions was taken by youths and all thrown out and trampled on on Pizza Hut car park.”

She said damage this does puts the homeless in more danger.

Shauna added: "We have one man who has taken to sleeping in a giant industrial bin, which is not safe, because he feels safer there than potentially being attacked on the street.

"This is not just a problem for big cities, it is happening here and it is horrible.

"If the homeless lose their possessions that's bad enough, but when their ID is taken off them, usual in their bags, that causes even more stress and strain on them and us who are trying to help them and it is starting off from scratch all over again.

"Please if you see attacks on the homeless, please report it."