A FISHERMAN is celebrating after making the catch of his life as he bagged a monster common carp.

Dan Brown, 31, spent the night fishing with friend Mike, at Newton Canal last Thursday into Friday when he made the extraordinary catch.

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Fishing enthusiast Dan set up for the night after finishing work at Widnes Bouncy Castle, but could never have imagined what was to follow.

"It was just amazing," said Dan, from Clock Face, who braved the autumnal weather to make the catch.

"I knew there were big fish in there and I've had big carps before but nothing that long, you have to travel far to get the big fish."

Dan, who started fishing at age eight with his dad, added: "I’ve hardly had time (to fish) this year with being so busy but every time I go I've bagged up on my home made baits so the weather was not going to put me off.

"I set up in the dark in the heavy rain and heavy winds with my pal. It was like my rod was on fire, one after another.

"I said to myself the next one is going to be bigger and an hour later was like I hooked a shark. It was like a missile, the reel was just ripping the line off it was something you see on River Monsters on TV.

"It came to a stop in a snag, it was snagged up heavy on a tree and it started hailstoning.

"But still very keen I put my net handle in the side of canal and it went past the six foot so wading out at 4am was a no go.

"I put my rod tip far down in the water after repeating this I felt something give my heart skipped a beat and it was the branch what gave way.

"As it went in the net I knew it was big, we lifted it up. We knew this was no normal size carp, this was a beast."

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Dan and Mike posed for pictures before letting the massive common carp back into the water.