OUR one and only Starbucks in this town is marketed as a place to go for a coffee with a friend, or go to do some work in a relaxing environment.

Why then, has Parking Eye decided to make this car park at Windle Island a one hour max stay?

I went to buy a coffee and have a nice long catch up, unaware that this company are now enforcing such a ridiculous time limit to our conversations.

Any other similar venues will see professionals working away with a coffee in hand for hours, old friends and families going for a relax and a wind down.

Just a few weeks ago I did the same with another friend at Costa at Ravenhead Retail Park where thankfully such ridiculous parking charges don’t apply.

However, I made a bad decision to go parking at Windle Island and even though I am a paying customer that coffee will now cost me an extra £60 or £100 if not paid within two weeks.

Rebecca, Marshalls Cross