THE family of a little "angel" who was stillborn celebrated what would have been her eighth birthday in style, by raising more than £10,000 by hosting a ball for 250 people.

After the death of their baby girl Isabella Rose in 2012, her parents Amanda and Geoff Parr founded The Isabella Rose Foundation which support families affected by child bereavement alongside Amanda's parents Geoff and Nicola Pope.

Each year one of their biggest fundraising events is The Isabella Rose Ball, which is open to the public and will help others in the community suffering from neonatal and baby loss.

This year for their eighth ball to mark what would have been her eighth birthday, was held over the weekend at Liverpool's Marriot Hotel with friends, family and others coming together to remember Isabella.

Her mum Amanda said: "I wasn't expecting to raise as much as we did this year, but it was amazing to raise £7,204.

"We have been in partnership with Violet-Grace's Gift since Violet Youens passed away, they are like a second family to us, especially with both girl's birthdays being in October, that's why we had pink and purple sashes on the chairs.

"So it was wonderful that Violet's uncle Louis, who works for HSBC, had a word with them and they decided to double what we raised.

"Half of the doubled money has gone to us and half to Violet-Grace's Gift.

"This gives us a grand total of £10,806, which will pay for the running costs of a lodge we got last year called Isabella's Lodge."

Isabella's Lodge at Ribby Hall Village was purchased using some of the fundraising money from the eight years of events organised by The Isabella Rose Foundation.

It acts as a safe haven for recently bereaved families to remember their newborn or infant child whenever they feel ready.

Amanda said: "When we lost Isabella, we didn't want to go home because we knew there was her beautiful nursery waiting there and she wasn't going to see it.

"We always wanted to get money together to offer families a place to go whenever they need it, straight away or months down the line, and thanks to donations we raised the £70,000 needed for it.

"The £10 raised by the ball will pay for all the running costs for a year, so other families can enjoy the space and remember their children.

"Instead of organising an eighth birthday party, we organised this ball, but for us it's about helping others in Isabella's memory."