A 20-YEAR-OLD who shared a video of her parents waving goodbye as they ran alongside her train back to university says she was "so confused and shocked" when her tweet went viral.

Holly Owens, from Rainhill, filmed her parents Jayne and Paul Owens as they waved her off from the platform at Lea Green train station as she returned to Leeds University.

St Helens Star:

Holly's parents Paul and Jayne

However because they "always do this" she was ready with her camera to catch a quick clip of her parents and share it with her Twitter followers.

That was on Saturday, now more than 1.3million people have watched the video, more than 181,000 have retweeted it and apparently she's now sparked an online craze.

St Helens Star:


A "mortified" Holly said: "Honestly this has just gone crazy since I posted it.

"It was Saturday and they always do this to try and embarrass me when I go back to uni, so I filmed them and posted it and then basically my phone has not stopped since.

"It's doing my head in now, I'm mortified and my phone won't stop dying with all the notifications but they are loving it.

"They just think it's hilarious which it is but I can't believe it's gone viral.

St Helens Star:

Holly's parents think the video going viral is "hilarious"

"I'm just so confused and shocked that it's gone so viral.

"My friends keep saying it's about time my parents go viral, but this is just crazy."

Since posting her video people across the world have been sharing their own videos of their parents carrying out the same thing of running after the train.

They have even been made into a meme.