A MUM-of-four has received "huge community support" after taking on the challenge of clearing an overgrown graveyard, just weeks after losing her mum.

Emma Lowe from Parr was upset when she realised that the nearby churchyard at St Peters Church was overgrown with long grass and weeds, meaning most of the graves could not be seen.

So three weeks ago, eager for something to distract her after her mum died, Emma asked for permission from the vicar to take care of the grounds.

St Helens Star:

Some of the graves beforehand were completely hidden by grass and weeds

Armed with only a pair of kitchen scissors, Emma has cleared a huge section of the graveyard, uncovering many graves, and has been supported by the community.

The 41-year-old said: "When I was told that the church yard had overgrown I just couldn't get it out of my mind and decided to do something myself.

"I asked the vicar who covers St Peters and St Philips and since then I've gone whenever I can to clear it.

St Helens Star:

Emma has cleared a huge section of the graveyard, with members of the community even laying flowers at the graves

"I only have a pair of scissors, but when people saw me having a go they started to come and bring tools and strimmers and just helped whenever they could.

"Even people coming out with a brew and bacon sandwiches or cakes to keep us going, honestly there has been huge community support.

"It's been phenomenal.

St Helens Star:

Emma says she is proud of what she has done

"I might have family there myself, I don't know and my mum is gone so I can't ask, but I know other people's family is there and everyone deserves that respect.

"There are babies there, so I'm not doing it for myself I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do, plus it has helped to distract me after my mum died.

"I've even had messages from people in Seattle in America saying their family members are there and thanking me for what I am doing.

"It just means so much, it shows what we can do as a community if we work together.

"I want to thank everyone that’s come forward to help us and those that’s donated tools because the whole community have been amazing with helping anyway they can."

Parr Cllr Andy Bowden added: “As someone with many family connections laid to rest in St Peter’s church yard, I want to thank Emma on behalf of the whole community for all her work. 

"Volunteers like Emma make our town a better place to live, and the number of people offering to help or send donations shows the fantastic community spirit we have in Parr.”

Emma has set up a Facebook page sharing pictures of her progress called @St.peterschurchyardcleanup

For more information go to friendsofstpeterschurchyard.co.uk