AN APPLICATION seeking a certificate of lawfulness to use a property as a children's care home has been granted.

The application for a certificate of lawfulness for the proposed use as a children's care home for three young people at 133 Clock Face Road has been submitted.

Plans stated: "It is our proposal to apply for a certificate of lawfulness to support three children who will be placed by the hosting authority".

It says the home will be a "family home setting whereby staff will parent in the way you would expect in a family home".

The application added the children would "follow similar routines to that of any child" including attending school and be in at reasonable times in the evenings.

The application states staff will "sleepover in designated staff sleeping rooms".

The home is to be inspected by Ofsted twice a year, it adds.

The application added "We do not expect the home to have an impact on the local community".

Plans stated the property currently has permission for use to support vulnerable adults but add that this has never happened and the owner has revoked this use.

The plans sparked several letters of objection from residents, who said they believed the change of use would have a "huge" impact upon them.

However, town hall planning officers granted the change of use permission.