AFTER reading your article about the accident at the junction of Boundary Road and Kirkland Street, I would also like to point out the potential for accidents on the junction of Boundary Road and Knowsley Road.

Every week after doing our weekly shop in Morrisons we witness cars turning right from Knowsley Road after the lights have changed and we have moved off down Boundary Road.

Talk about amber gamblers. Also travelling down the A580 towards Windle Junction the speed limit changes from 60 to 40 mph but not many drivers slow down because the signs are not well highlighted.

The council say there is no money to put speed cameras up and will only do so if there are a number of fatalities there.

Signs painted on the road surface itself are better.
Don’t get me started on drivers who don’t use their indicators, don’t they know that pedestrians need to know which way they turning?

A Walker, address submitted