SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook expressed his delight after seeing his side crush champions Wigan to reach their first Super League Grand Final since 2014.

In racking up an emphatic 40-10 win they completed a 100 per cent home record, no mean feat against a Wigan side trumpeted in recent weeks.

Refreshed by last week's blank weekend, they tore into Wigan from the kick off and were soon running in the first of their seven tries to guarantee Holbrook's last match with Saints will be at Old Trafford, after falling short in the last two semis.

Holbrook said: "It was a fantastic win. I thought we were good the whole first half. We had great preparation going into the game.

"I was really confident the boys were going to play that way. It was the most relaxed I've ever been coming into a game and, for the boys to execute was brilliant to watch. It capped off a perfect home record.

"Our overall game was great, we showed what we are capable of and I'm really happy to get a dominant win.

"Everybody played well tonight. Wigan have been playing well as everyone has been saying, so it was up to us to show how we can play, and we did that tonight.

"Everything was good tonight, the way we set the whole set up was great and a lot of great kicks in that first half was as good as we've played. The second half got a bit sloppy but you're not going to play a perfect game."

The win earns Saints another weekend off, while Wigan face Salford again with the winners also reaching Old Trafford.

Although Holbrook made a speech to the crowd in what is his last match at the Totally Wicked Stadium, his focus now is not on farewells, but Old Trafford.

"There's one game to go and that's the one that matters," he said. "I am happy the way we have played at home this year. This was the most relaxed I have ever been coming into a game with the work we have done and how we wanted to play.

"For the boys to execute like that was brilliant to watch and it has capped off a perfect home record. To win every game at home is not easy to do, and we did it great fashion tonight so that is even better.

"If we play well and win at Old Trafford then I'll be as emotional as anybody.

"It was hard out there knowing it was my last home game, but it was also a happy feeling.

"I am fine - we are all in a good place but we have to play well again."

When asked about a preference for the final opposition, Holbrook said: "Wigan will be wounded after tonight and they will bounce back while Salford have been playing really well, so it will be another great game between those sides next week."

Wigan coach Adrian Lam admits he was "rattled" by the nature of the defeat but remains confident that, if his side can get past Salford, they will make a better fist of it against Saints at Old Trafford.

"They were very good tonight," he said. "We knew they were going to be like that and we needed to match them early but we couldn't. We had to meet fire with fire.

"They had a week off and they out-enthused us really. We ended up doing things we haven't done all year. Our defence has been pretty aggressive all year and we were off tonight.

"I'm pretty rattled, we went from bad to worse. But we've earned the right to have second crack and that comes into play for us.

"I don't want to look two weeks ahead but, if we get another crack at them, it will be completely different."