MEET 11-year-old Declan Rigby who is celebrating a north west MMA title belt.

Declan trains at the town centre-based Hamma Academy of Mixed Martial Arts under the tutelage of Sean Martin, Conah Martin and Coner Hignett.

The youngster from Sutton Leach, described by his coaches as "disciplined and passionate", triumphed to win the regional belt to delight the HAMMA team.

Following his success, Hamma's Sean Martin said: "He had trained under the successful team HAMMA gym for many years.

"He is one of the many young students at HAMMA Youth Academy who potentially could easily fight in the UFC.

He trains five to six days a week in both MMA and also rugby. He loves both sports and is a lovely down to earth kid. He is disciplined, passionate and always eager to learn new techniques. He is definitely one to keep your eyes out for."