A PET owner has described her horror after her beloved dog ended up fighting for his life after eating a cannabis cake that he found in Sherdley Park bushes.

Sarah Kenny from Sutton regularly walks her two-year-old Jack Russell cross Max in the park.

On Saturday, September 7, the day the Reminisce Festival was taking place in the park, she walked Max along their regular route.

St Helens Star:

Max was not himself after eating the cake

However, hours later she was sat in Rutland House Veterinary Hospital with little Max fighting for his life through poisoning.

Sarah, 45, a veterinary nurse at Bold Veterinary Hospital, said: "My dog is normally off the lead, chasing squirrels and rabbits, which he never catches, and greeting other dogs who we see on a regular basis.

"When he disappeared under a bush that the usually goes under, I thought nothing of it.

"Even when he came out licking his lips like he'd eaten something I didn't worry too much.

"I was not aware of any problem until we got home when he seemed tired and a bit unsteady.

"Shortly after he vomited up a huge amount of what looked like chocolate cake.

"Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but there was also a distinctive smell which I now know to be cannabis.

"We rushed him to Rutland House because of the time and they gave him medication to make him vomit. He stayed in overnight on a drip and to be observed.

"We couldn't be sure how much he had eaten or if in fact there may have been other drugs in his system, and as he is only a small dog there was a chance he may not make it.

"We were told it was touch and go but thankfully he is a little fighter and was a lot better the next day, and he should make a full recovery."

St Helens Star:

Max often goes to Sherdley Park with Sarah but has never had a problem before

Max will need blood tests to determine if the cannabis cake has caused permanent damage to his liver or kidneys.

Sarah added: "This is a public place and this could have happened to a child.

"I'm livid that Max has had to go through this, it is not about the money as we have insurance but it's about how we worried about Max all weekend and what he went through."