A NEIGHBOUR has recalled the moment he witnessed a teenage boy being stabbed by a member of an armed gang.

The youngster was wounded in the thigh by another youth who was part of a group of "six to seven" others. The attack happened on Pennine Drive, Parr shortly before 8.45pm on Wednesday.

An attempt was also made to assault his friend.

Earlier today, officers arrested a 17-year-old male from the Newton area in connection with the attack.

Speaking to the Star, a 28-year-old man who lives in the area and witnessed the incident, described the frightening incident.

He said: "A group of six or seven lads came down looking for trouble and saw two young lads in Gaskell Park.

"The two lads are from round here and were going to their nan's and basically they stopped them and showed them a knife and the two young lads then came running through here.

"They were only steps away from their nan's house but one of them fell and that's when the gang came and got him."

The witness also alleged: "All the gang had balaclavas on and had weapons in their hands but only one of them pulled a knife and stabbed at his leg four times.

The victim was taken to hospital for treatment for a non-life-threatening wound to his thigh.

Detectives say the group, including the offenders, made off towards Gaskell Park in the direction of Havanna Flash, Parr.

The witness added: "Luckily his mobile phone in his pocket stopped most of the stabs and he was only cut once.

"The other lad with him got hit too with a bat.

"I saw it happen, shouted at them and they ran off so we called the ambulance and I ran to the lad on the floor.

"It's scary to think people can't feel safe going to the shop or in their homes because of knives being used on the streets.

"It's young lads that need to be especially worried because it's mostly young lads using these knives on young lads.

"You think this kind of stuff just happens in big cities like Manchester or Liverpool but not near your house, it's scary and there's loads of kids that could have been hurt or seen it.

"I think more people need CCTV on their homes to help them feel safe, something needs to change because this is kids hurting kids.

"It's scary really."