TEN people were arrested at Reminisce Festival on Saturday for offences including drugs, assault and being drunk and disorderly.

Around 17,000 ravers attended the one day dance festival at Sherdley Park on Saturday, September 7.

Despite most people behaving themselves, 10 were arrested, six for drug offences, two for assault and two for being drunk and disorderly.

Superintendent Gary O’Rourke, said: "The festival was well planned and marshalled. Approximately 17,000 people attended the event and there were only a handful of arrests for drug offences, assault and drunk and disorderly.

"I would like to thank the vast majority of visitors to Reminisce who made it a fantastic day to remember.

"I would also like to thank the St Johns Ambulance Team who provided support to anyone who felt unwell on the day.”

Last year's event saw a 19-year-old woman and 22-year-old man taken to hospital in critical condition after suffering suspected ecstasy overdoses.

However organisers have stressed that this year's event saw "improvements".

Organiser Lee Butler, added: "We have loads of improvements to make again as we continue to learn every year, this year we got lots more right including all the entry system, the bars and lots more that we improved on from last year

"It really is a tough job to watch over 17,000 people in the middle of a field

"Anyway, thank you again, after the recent deaths at Creamfields and Leeds festival I had sleepless nights worrying that someone would not get home to their family and I'm so happy to say that everyone did."