IS the issue of litter in our town something you can campaign on?

I believe it is the greatest blight on the town and is everywhere you look – even on the approach to the Saints stadium, one of the town’s premier sites.

I highlighted the issue of McDonalds litter in the vicinity of their store at Ravenhead Retail Park.

First and foremost, responsibility for this rests with the people who drop litter.

In my 59 years I’ve lived elsewhere in Merseyside, Shropshire, Birmingham, Kent, London, Sussex and Lancaster but never have I seen as much litter as I have here.

Admittedly that’s not very scientific, but, if littering here is inordinately higher than elsewhere and/or people are not responding positively to the clear need to rid our streets and green spaces of litter and plastics, then I think there are some uncomfortable truths about some of our people that we ought to face up to and maybe a campaign is a means of making progress?

Having said responsibility lies with those that drop litter, those that create it can’t be absolved from blame either.
They’re simply not ‘stepping up’.

I don’t blame the council – services like this are a casualty of austerity combined with a huge increase in services devolved from central government.

I know they’re keen to encourage recycling and a cleaner environment but I believe their message needs wider exposure.

It seems to me many people point the finger on this and ignore their own shortcomings – “it’s the council’s fault” or down to the “inadequacy of recycling containers”, neither of which would explain more than a couple of per cent of the litter around our town.

There seems so little pride in our environment which, against a backdrop of a council trying to entice business into the area, is a great shame.

We have local people individually and in teams picking up litter but it’s simply impossible for them to do everything, nor should they have to.

It needs tackling at source.

Richard Swift, via email