I READ the article about Newton High Street not being nominated for the High Street Awards. This seems to be a missed opportunity.

The bit that shocked me was Cllr Richard McCauley’s attitude that “£15,000 is a paltry amount”, but then went on to preach about Corbyn.

This £15,000 may be paltry to him but to the public it could be a new playground, improvements to the street scene or lots of other things.

If St Helens Council is banging on about austerity but then can’t be bothered to find new sources of cash, can we be surprised that the town is in the state it is?

I worry that attitudes like that of the councillor make St Helens a much worse affected town than surrounding places.

Maybe the council are the problem and need to try harder to bring in cash.

EM Pearce, Thatto Heath