SAINTS prop Matty Lees has had to return to hospital after continuing problems following surgery on his bowel and intestine area.

Lees missed Wembley after suffering the horrific impact injury in the game against Leeds, of which his surgeon said they only normally see likes of in car crash victims.

Coach Justin Holbrook explained that it was unlikely that the on-song England Knights front rower will feature again this year.

Holbrook said: “He is not great still and it ongoing. He had surgery at St James’ in Leeds and spent nearly a week in hospital before going home.

"But on Monday had to go back into hospital, but he is looking to get cleared to come home.

"Initially it took forever to find the problem, but it was all the way round his bowel because the impact had hit him that hard.

"The surgeon said that the only time they see injuries like that is through a car crash. They literally had to take it all out (the intestines) and find out where the leak was.

"It is unlikely we will see him again this season."

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Although Holbrook's primary concern is the 21-year-old's full recovery, he did remark how much they had missed the contribution of the up-and-at-em front rower at Wembley.

He said: "We missed Leesy at the weekend, and more than Warrington missed Blake Austin.

"That game would have suited him to a T, as he would have just run all day for us because he never gets tired.

"He was a massive loss for sure. He played 58 minutes straight against Leeds and could have kept going.

"Throw him in at Wembley with 30 degrees and he would have been fantastic."