SAINTS skipper James Roby expressed his bitter disappointment after watching Warrington climb the steps to pick up the Challenge Cup.

Although proud of the physical effort, he rued the missed opportunities and the key moments in the game that could have swung it Saints’ way.

But now, after another big match defeat, Roby has to play his part as a leader to lift the team for a tilt at the Super League Grand Final.

St Helens Star:

Roby said: “There was not much in it personally – it was a tough game, a close game.

“There were key moments that obviously swung the game in their favour.

“But I am proud of the effort from our lads and we stuck to it right to the end. The second half, when we really got stuck into them on their line, with the big defensive sets it almost seemed like the tide was turning at times.

“We are heartbroken and disappointed but gracious in defeat and we watched them pick the trophy up. Fair play, they played great, but we could have won the game – we were not far off, it’s not like we’ve had a shocker.”

St Helens Star:

The decision not to check Morgan Knowles’ early touchdown, combined with the Bryson Goodwin try-saving tackle on Tommy Makinson, were key moments in the game.

“The Morgan Knowles thing could have been checked, but he didn’t and so we get on with the game – Tommy Mak nearly scores and Regan nearly scores, maybe on another day one of those tries sticks and it changes the momentum of the game.

“It was a real hard game in the battle – and it felt like it was played up the middle. A lot of defending and with a lot of carries from our forwards and our outside backs as well.”

St Helens Star:

The handling errors really bit Saints, with a first half error count being 8-2 to Saints “The way the game is nowadays is that if one team completes well and you end up making a lot of tackles it drains energy out of you. Playing in the heat was hard work, but that is no excuse.

“We will review the game and pick up if there are bits we could improve on and do a bit better.

“We can’t make any excuses – Warrington were the better team and fair play to them.”

St Helens Star:

Questions will be asked of Saints’ big game temperament – this now being another defeat when it counted to add to the string of semi final defeats.

And it will make them appear vulnerable to the pack that has been well off the scent in Super League this term.

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Roby – as a team captain and leader – will be key in ensuring their heads are lifted and the season does not completely unravel.

“Everybody is really low at the minute and I suppose we’ll regroup.

St Helens Star:

“We are a tight bunch we will stick together. We have a game against Cas next week and I am sure we will reference it in the week.

St Helens Star:

“We are massively disappointed but there is still stuff to play for – we pick up the League Leaders next week and there’s obviously one big one still to play for.

“There are bigger and better things to come. What else can we do? There is no point dwelling on it now, it is done.

“We have just got to learn our lesson.”

St Helens Star: