SHORTLY before 11am on Saturday 17-year-old son Taylor Prescott is likely to look into the distance and see the arch of Wembley stadium.

He will then know he is just a few miles from emulating one of the greatest feats of his endurance completed by his late father Steve, the inspirational cancer battler who died in 2013, aged 39.

On Thursday Taylor and 16 other cyclists arrived at Dover after completing a monumental 900-mile ride across the South of France.

St Helens Star:

Gruelling: The SPF team in Windsor

They then found strength in their tired limbs to ride up to Windsor from where, today (Friday) they will begin the penultimate leg of their arduous test of stamina – a 26-mile Dragon boat row to Teddington.

On Saturday they will have to summon the strength to complete a half marathon to Wembley, finishing at the rugby league statue which stands outside the sporting theatre.

In what promises to be a hugely poignant moment, the teenager will retrace his father’s footsteps by placing the match ball on the centre spot ahead of the final between Saints and Warrington.

Ten years ago, Steve took on the challenge of delivering the match ball to Wembley stadium after taking on a 900 mile cycle ride from Perpignan in France to Windsor, a 26-mile Dragonboat row to Teddington and a half marathon to Wembley.

The former Saints full back, who was three years into his battle with the cancer Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, arrived in time for the rugby league Challenge Cup final between Huddersfield Giants and Warrington Wolves.

Taylor has been joined by his mum Linzi and younger brother Koby (12), who are both part of the back-up team.

It has been an emotional journey and learning experience for all of them and a nostalgic trip for the likes of SPF manager Martin Blondel and former Saints players Chris Joynt and Chris Smith, who were on the journey a decade ago.

Last week Taylor and Koby had their picture taken in the same spot in Cahors where their dad posed for what was to become an iconic photograph.

St Helens Star:

For many who were inspired by Steve’s battle with cancer, these images of his sons are enough to bring a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye.

“It is tough, but we’re getting through it,” said Taylor, speaking to the Star from France, earlier this week.

“I’m really enjoying it and following what my dad did and learning about the experiences he went through. The spirit we have among the team is sensational.

“I’m trying not to think too far ahead and reaching Wembley, but the prospect is exciting.”

For mum Linzi, there is a huge sense of pride to see both her sons, from Eccleston, playing a part in what was one of their dad’s favourite and most formidable charity challenges.

“It has been amazing. Stephen did it 10 years ago and had described it but being here and seeing it before your eyes you realise how tough it is.

St Helens Star: OUR hero: Taylor (8) and Koby Prescott (3) join in training with their dad, Steve, in Sherdley Park. (Picture by Bernard Platt).

Taylor and Koby training withe their dad as youngsters

“The other riders have remarked how strong Taylor is and Koby has been great as part of the team, dishing up the cyclists’ lunches and supporting them.

“He’s saying that in another 10 years’ time he’ll be 22 and wants to take on this challenge.”