THE family and friends of murdered Adam Ellison are urging parents to be aware of what their children are doing after a knife was found by police in a park.

Adam Ellison, 29, was stabbed in the neck with an unknown weapon as he walked home in Prescot on Saturday, November 4, 2017, and died of his injuries.

Since then his family have joined others affected by knife crime to raise awareness of the dangers that carrying a weapon can bring.

Yesterday (Thursday) during land searches, police uncovered a red handled knife on Delph Lane near Henley Park, near to Whiston Hospital.

The charity set up in Adam's name (Achieving Dreams And Memories) posted the following: "Many parents bring their children to play in this park especially with it being the school holidays. Also many dog walkers take their dogs through the park including myself to have a nice stroll.

"It’s a lovely park and it’s scary to think just a few steps away there could possibly be a weapon hidden that could come into the hands of somebody willing to use this against a person and think it’s acceptable too.

"Thank you to Knowsley Police in continuing to help tackle knife crime and get knives off our streets. We want children and people to be safe, just to live happy lives.

"To those who continue to hide or take out this horrific weapon, I hope you understand the severity this weapon causes if used, it destroys not only the person's life you have harmed but their families and even yours.

"Adam’s family are having to live with the reality of losing Adam everyday. You are old enough to understand what it is and the harm it can cause.

"So you are old enough to face the consequences of your actions if used or even if you are caught just carrying a knife."

St Helens Star:

Adam Ellison

It added: "To parents, it’s a constant worry when your children are out, but please check on where they are or what they are doing.

"Mainly for their safety or if they are doing wrong you can intervene before there is a knock on your door.

"The police are already under strain with their workload, you keeping a check on where your children are and talking to them beforehand on their safety and aware of knife crime will be more help than you think.

"We are wanting to help make our community feel a safer place to live and it only will it we all stick together and do our bit to help."