THE owner of an Indian restaurant has recalled the "terrifying" moment he was attacked by a man after he refused to serve him another alcoholic drink.

Imran Choudhury, who owns The Pink Pearl Restaurant on Earle Street, Earlestown, was in work yesterday, Monday, August 12 at 8.30pm, when a man "trashing the place" demanded more alcohol.

Imran, 34, refused the man, who he described as "big, and a body builder type", but was shocked when he was pushed to the floor and punched, before the offender ran out without paying for his food.

A "shaken" Imran said: "The man had had some food but was making a lot of noise and mess and coming in and out of the bathroom and demanding more drink, but because of how he was acting I told him I was not willing to give him any more.

"He damaged my property, left me injured, and runaway without paying the bill.

"We have him on CCTV and the police are involved. We also have his cap which he left and this will be helpful for forensic team.

"I am struggling to move my left arm after he punched me there and all over and I spent the night in hospital.

"It is the first time I've experience something like this at Pink Pearl, and hopefully it will be the last.

"I do a lot for the community and have held events to help people like veterans and the homeless, so this is really upsetting."