A MUM who experienced the heartbreak of losing a baby daughter to meningitis has given birth to twin girls.

Faye Murray welcomed Amaya-Grace and Aliyah-Rose into the world on Friday, August 9.

St Helens Star:

Faye with Amaya-Grace and Aliyah-Rose

Faye, from Windlehurst, lost 17-month-old daughter Shakira Louise suddenly during the night on a family holiday in Wales in April 2016.

Every year Faye, who lives in Windlehurst, marks the anniversary of her passing on April 23.

And this year, after learning she was pregnant with twins, she held a special gender reveal surrounded by family and friends to see what gifts her "angel" Shakira has sent her.

During the balloon release at Clinkham Wood field, two confetti cannons were set off to reveal that Faye, also mum to sons Kai and Shae, will be giving birth to two baby girls.

St Helens Star:

The gender reveal

The second part of Amaya's name is in honour of Violet-Grace Youens after all the support her mum Becky has given to Faye.

Meanwhile, the second part of Aliya's name is in honour of Layla-Rose Ermenekli, from Oldham, who died in February 2017 after contracting meningitis. Faye has joined Layla's family in a campaign to make MenB vaccines compulsory.

After the birth, Faye, 26, said: "Shakira-louise you have given me the best gift in the world, you'll never be forgotten and your picture will stay with them forever."

St Helens Star: