SAINTS fans have expressed their shock after a supporters' coach had three bricks hurled at it following last night's match at Warrington.

A coach which was transporting Saints fans who had attended the game at the Halliwell Jones Stadium back to The George pub in St Helens town centre was hit by three bricks shortly after departing.

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The coach had turned off Dallam Street and gone past the Three Pigeons pub in Warrington when it was hit by three bricks.

It is believed the bricks were thrown by youths who were in a side street.

The outer panes of glass on the vehicle were shattered and a hole was put through a metal panel on the outside of the coach due to the force of one of the bricks.

St Helens Star:

One of the windows

Alan Turner, of The George, who organises the coach, said: "We heard the three bricks, at first I thought it was a beer bottle and then realised it's the glass that had shattered.

"The coach stopped and we got out to see who had been involved but they ran away."

One fan said: "We boarded our coach after the match, all happily chatting away to each other, we had only just pulled away as one of the last coaches to leave and was passing whichever pub it is that is at the side of the stadium, then there was a loud bang and the outer pane of the emergency window shattered.

"Thankfully the coach had double glazed windows so it was the outer pane that was broken, and thankfully everyone on our coach was fine and there were no children travelling with us this time."

The coach did manage to take the fans on board back to St Helens.

Saints defeated Warrington 30-12 in Thursday night's match to record heir third Super League win over the Wolves this season.

Cheshire Police said they have not received a report in relation to the incident.