AFTER reading our Looking Back last week with the historic postcards found in a US research library, local collector Barrie Pennington got in touch to send us one of his own postcards.

It shows the Aviary at Taylor Park and the back of the postcard itself is a message to Mrs Ward in Whitley Bay on Tuesday, May 18, 1909.

It also clearly shows a King Edward half-penny green stamp.

The postcard reads: “Tuesday – We are enjoying ourselves very much. This is one of the parks in St Helens.

“I have not visited it yet but we intend doing so. We went to New Brighton yesterday and oh it was lovely.

“There are some very nice churches here. No more at present. With love, Mary.”

Thank you Barrie for sending in your fascinating postcard.

Please send in your old photographs – and indeed postcards – of St Helens’ past.

Email them over with information of what it shows to, alternatively you can send it into us via our social media pages @sthelensstar